Hello there,

My name is Tony Hewitt and I do hope you find some amusement among these pages, hopefully thought provoking or at least can relate in some way to the content.

As far as what it’s all about, that may not be immediately clear. Loosely I am trying to find my way in a life just as you and everyone else. Until recently I was attempting to make my way following a standard “Life Template“. In general I had been relatively successful at keeping on the track and financially reasonably rewarded for doing so. I am and have been a Computer Systems Developer for a lot of years (over 25) and at times it is great, then other times it is insular and does not reward the soul.

I have reached a point where the less trodden path appeals and have always had a burning desire to make a mark, or at least try. I have had to accept that making this choice does have its consequence’s, the most profound at the moment being the difference in income. I may or may not be successful in addressing this shortcoming, but the key thing for me is to at least try a richer overall route for the spirit and the mind.

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