The door of opportunity ajar

door ajar

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A few weeks ago a great business opportunity was presented to me, which fuelled the normal reaction from me of elation followed by scepticism, and back to a more positive view of the outlook.

I am not very good multitasking and so when something that demands a lot of attention surfaces I tend to submerge myself in it 100%. This investment comes in many forms including emotion, passion and intellect. I believe this is a positive attribute on the whole, if something is worthy of pursuit then it should be granted full attention.

The problem occurs when the opportunity is not as straightforward as it first may have appeared and so creates ebb and flow of motivation and to a large extent can impact your wider outlook. If this fluid state is for an extended period of time I find it can place you in the trough rather than a peak on a success curve.

This kind of opportunity is like having a door fixed ajar, it is neither open nor closed. The potential is visible through the gap, but the resistance on the door prevents clear passage and forms a barrier to progression. The frustration is only made worse when the door swings open and shut for moments at a time; this is the greatest test to one’s resolve.

I must admit when in a state of flux I do let it get the better of me and start to question what am I doing, why don’t I just bail and take the easy option. Well for me there is no easy option. I appreciate even my blog is titled “I can do can u” and to some this might even appear arrogant, or patronising, I can assure you that this is not my intention. The truth is I named my blog  partly as a personal affirmation and to make me in a small way accountable to live up to what I need and want to do.

The pathway to success seems to have many rooms with many doors leading off into different directions. If you find a door ajar, do you wrestle with it until it either opens fully or closes or do you step back into the middle of the room and wait for a different door to open?

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