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Stop stealing dreams

Seth Godin is an extremely successful individual and this is largely down to his core beliefs about where we are in a post industrial revolution.

He is the founder of a number of businesses including Squidoo an online collection of people just like you and me expressing their “art”.

Seth talks about doing art and if you produce bad art he insists you do it again, only do it better this time.

His success is largely due to his tenacity and zest to share his beliefs. Below is an example of how he wants to convey this message with an audience suitably young enough to make a difference to their lives and show them there is another way.

Why we do what we do

Tony Robbins is a motivational speaker of fantastic notoriety and once you start to watch any of his talks you will quickly understand why.

Whilst making our journey to a better place we often need some guidance, support, most of all a confidence boost. An injection of inspiration is required on a regular basis otherwise we are at risk of losing momentum and not maintaining our perspective.

Tony gives explanation why we behave the way we do and identifying this pattern and what’s holding us back.

In this video he provides so many reasons to think about why we do what we do and gets us to think about what really motivates us and engage with it.

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