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I have to admit I am not as fit or as light as I probably should be.

I try and include 2 miles of walking most days and cycle around 40 miles each week. As much as this does help keep my fitness levels up and weight down, I am
still a bit overweight and certain aspects of my fitness could be improved.

One of the problems with just focusing on cycling and walking is that form my waist down to my feet I have developed toned legs, with little to no excess in sight. From my waist upwards is a different story so I have decided to try and do something about this.

The trouble with dieting is it is not natural and whilst trying to adhere to the rules any given diet regime imposes upon us, it often has the counter effect. It’s a bit like someone telling you to not think about pink elephants, once you start to think about them you can’t get them out of your head as Kylie would say. This is a similar problem when denied nice food or drink you can’t stop thinking about it.

I have tried various diet programmes over the years including Atkins and the cabbage diet and I would say they do provide results and quite quickly. The problem is there is always a sense that we have reached the end of the diet and therefore give ourselves license to revert to previous levels of intake and other bad habits that go with it. Realistically I don’t think a diet should be referred to as a diet if it is to succeed. A diet implies and temporary measure or change, it should be called in perhaps modern speak, “optimal health and well-being maximising strategy” or perhaps we could just settle with calling it a good life habit.

Recently I have been hearing more and more about a new diet and as you would expect I approached with a little unease mainly due to the my historic understanding of what diet stands for. The new diet or good life habit as I would like to interpret it is The Fast Diet (or 5:2 diet as it is sometimes know). The seemingly good thing about this programme is that you only have to tolerate going without for only two days a week.

If you’re not already familiar with the 5:2 diet then basically the rules are you must fast/semi fast for two days and for the remaining five days in the week you can have what you like to eat and drink. The semi fasting basically means that you can have no more than 600 calories for a man and 500 for a women on a fasting day. I must say, I believe I have an ability to tolerate unpleasantness to quite an extreme level so long as it’s not long term and this approach seems to fit the bill.

After reading the book about the diet, it seems clear that weight loss is only one of many of the benefits included in this positive life habit. Some of the benefits include improved blood pressure, cholesterol level and insulin sensitivity and many other potential health benefits so I thought I should at least give it a go. As part of my plan of attack I have invested in a nice new shiny pair of weighing scales. The scales I have chosen also include body fat and BMI analysis so I can properly measure my progress and make things just a bit more informative and interesting than just guess work.

OK so I am all tooled up and ready to go with my new scales and having read the book my plan was to start the beginning of this week. Unfortunately I seem to have contracted a cold (man flu) and it’s gradually getting the better of me so I thought it wise not to lower my defences even more, so I confess I haven’t started yet. I do intend to convert to the 5:2 way of life just not quite today.

I will keep you posted on how I get on which hopefully will have the added benefit of accountability on my part and keep me on track. With the purchase of the book and new weighing scales I promise not to become a victim of exercise bike syndrome.

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