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It has been just over ten months since I embarked on my journey of uncharted life and as I have progressed through my various projects so far, I have come to realise that I am to a large extent time rich, or at least that’s how it might appear.

Where I was previously working in the normal nine to five regime most of us adhere to, I tended to neglect certain life demands that just never seemed convenient to include or address. Some of these demands were even health related!

Before my change in circumstance I tended to try and fit any extracurricular activities relating to my change in direction to weekends and evenings. Not only does this start eventually take its toll, it also does not provide a good enough platform to really make a difference.

Now that I have extra time provision to focus on my developments agenda, it brings with it a great responsibility that I didn’t appreciate fully before. When I am full engaged with a project or development which occupies my time and I feel I am heading in a clear direction then all is good. As soon as I complete a project and have a less structured next direction then guilt starts to creep in and with it some significant levels of stress.

When this gap in direction materialises, I tend to schedule other tasks which I have neglected in the past to at least alleviate the guilt of not being head-down on a well define portion of work. The one aspect I am becoming aware of is not being fair with myself. An observer from the outside might make a passing judgement of me being a “part-timer” during these short burst of non-desk bound activity, however the truth is rather more complex and if thinking, reading or studying for my next endeavours 24×7 is a qualification for slacking then guilty as charged!

The one thing I will admit to, is due to having some flexibility of time it has enable me to take my daughter to open days and interviews at potential Universities that she might have the pleasure of attending next year.  Not only has the experience been an eye opener for the both of us (largely due to the vastness of campus facilities, she wants to study veterinary medicine), in my previous state of employ I would have struggled to have been available for this.  So there are some occasional benefits of flexible time for sure.

2 thoughts on “Flexi-time rich

  1. Brave step! Hope you follow it through and enjoy success. Good to see that while things have not yet worked out as you hoped, you can see positives such as having the flexibility to be able to accompany your daughter on trips to examine Further Education possibilities.

    1. Thanks for your comment “I don’t do e’s”.

      Yes it has been a protracted journey so far. I feel optimistic there is some goodness on the horizon :-)

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