Meditation – letting go of random thoughts

I admit at times I struggle with the random thoughts constantly appearing in my head.

I do believe some people are naturally predisposed to being mindful and able to think clearly and to some extent are probably oblivious to their serene  default state of mind. Others, myself included, have to work at calming the mind and escaping the random thought processes so often prevalent in the space between our ears. Paradoxically, the more we become aware of our irregular thought patterns and try to manage them, the more this simply adds to the stack of woes.

From time to time I have tried to engage with meditation and training in the art of mindfulness. The common problems I have found with meditation is the fact that the more busy the mind is the more difficult it is to do, but this is the time it’s most beneficial also.

The problem is making sure I consciously take the time to meditate and reap the benefits. It sounds easy to put aside ten minutes a day to simply sit and think and do nothing. The trouble is the solution is also part of the problem.

Although when I have made the effort to settle the mind and for some time clarity prevails, I do have a fear that this natural form of sedation might stifle some of the inspirational thoughts I so often experience. 

I suppose the bottom line is, we all need a break from ourselves from time to time. The irony is that meditation has got to be a good thing overall it’s just one of the hardest things for a person to do and yet they would benefit from it the most. 

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