No, Not a Resolution!


Strictly speaking I don’t believe in New Year resolutions, I am however avoiding alcohol for at least the whole month of January 2014.

I had the first major spanner tossed into the works last night when a group of friends and I had arranged to meet up at the local watering hole. The good thing was, I am not the only one among us trying to observe this month of drought, and for the remainder of us the majority were drinking soft drinks anyway.

I am doing this to try to achieve a better state of fitness for 2014, both body and mind. I figured drinking less would be a good start and surprisingly it has already had a positive effect on my weight loss and probably clarity of thinking.

The hardest part is definitely for the first few days especially if they fall upon a weekend, but that in itself is kind of a sign that it’s a bad habit that needs breaking.

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