Shedding light on authenticity

Tungsten Lightbulb

I understand why power saving light bulbs are important and that the benefits can be two fold. The consumer doesn’t have as high an electricity bill compared to using old fashioned tungsten lighting, and the additional environment benefits due to the reduced energy consumption.

Ordinarily I am totally in favour of using energy efficient lighting. The only exception I think that should be made is in the context of a museum room setting or theatrical productions.

Although energy efficient light bulbs have come a long way and in a lot of cases can produce a very close match of colour and effect of its original counterpart, there just seems a little something missing in the experience of their use.

This very slight deficiency or lack in authenticity is not a problem in day to day life, it is something we become accustomed to and without any noticeable loss. However, this omission of detail when trying to re-create the atmosphere of a World War II operations room, or a scene from a 1920’s play on stage, can leave the observer with a less than fully authentic experience.

If we truly want to progress with personal or business relationships, at some point we have to show our authentic self. It is so much better to realise this sooner rather than later, otherwise we could be missing out on a much brighter future together.

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