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The most powerful resource we have, most of us don’t use!

I have been a computer programmer for a number of years and as a result I have sat down in front of an array of machines. As time has progressed the computers I have used have steadily become more and more powerful, with the effectiveness of their processing and memory increasing on a seemingly exponential level.

As you may or may not be aware, a computer is only generally capable of responding to exactly what it is told via the medium of a pre-defined script or program. If the program has been designed badly, then the machine interpreting the code can only respond in a way aligned to this input. If on the other hand a program is presented to the computer, which is well designed and has a purposeful meaning to it, then this can result in a very useful outcome. There is a well-known saying in the world of programming, garbage in, garbage out. GIGO primarily relates to the data fed into the computer and that if the quality of data is poor then the results of processing and therefore output data will also be of low value.

Given what we know about the way a computer works and the pitfalls to watch for in this discipline, it is a shame  Continue reading

Do we need another ZX81?


I must confess as a child I was obsessed by how a computer worked or more accurately I had a habit of taking things to bits to find out how they worked. The trouble was I didn’t pay adequate attention as to how I had taken the chosen victim of destruction apart. The end result was a catalogue of defective items concealed around my bedroom, which I hoped no one would uncover and subsequently reveal the fruits of my labour.

In my early teens Sinclair Research released a new affordable home computer, it was the ZX81. This wasn’t the first offering from the Sinclair technology stables, however it was my first computer. With limited Continue reading

Where have I got to?

So this time last year I stepped away from my full time job developing primarily web and desktop applications. I wanted to taste the red pill or at least suck the pill and see. I had reached a point where I needed to take this step. People on the outside, might view this move as somewhat irresponsible and in a way yes it could be, but I had to make the leap, the direction I was heading was not a good one on so many levels.

So along with a co-founder we Continue reading