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Perceived value and the price that’s right

I have recently released my first online course “Javascript the beginners guide” on Udemy and the initial flurry of students taking my course was encouraging. However, to be strictly honest a reasonable proportion of the pupils are as a result of issuing a discount coupon and in the very early stages this was a completely free offer.

It is part of the common sales practice to offer something for free or heavily discounted to get the initial momentum and raise the profile of a new entry in the marketplace. This also acts as a reward for the early adopters of any product and this phase of the sales process is most definitely the easier phase, after all, Continue reading

The smartphone gravy train

Has the smartphone gravy train finally reached its destination?

I don’t know about you, but I sense a fatigue among us smartphone users as the next incremental upgrade isn’t quite doing it.

Looking back to when the Apple IPhone was first demonstrated by Steve Jobs the audience was blown away, and rightly so as this was a major leap in mobile device innovation.

The problem is Continue reading