Making sure the gold can be easily found


Gold ingots

Until recently I had little concern with search engine optimisation (SEO) or the related tips and tricks one needs to be found in the vastness which is the internet.

I have been a web developer for quite a few years, however my focus and expertise generally relates to coding and I haven’t had to concern myself with the art of being found on the internet or marketing related activities. One thing that has really struck me of late is how much time and effort is involved in getting noticed in cyberspace.

It is very easy to simply setup a website and think that’s it, that’s all that’s required to make yourself or your business known to the world. After all if you type your web address into the browser you instantly land on your site with all of its glory displayed before you. It’s easy to overlook the fact that no one will share the joy your site can bring unless they know it exists, not even your next door neighbour.

OK so I do realise I am describing some fundamental issues here and to a number of seasoned SEO professionals it’s obvious, however, to the lesser experienced website owners it’s easy to overlook.

It is very easy to become despondent when you finally manage to plug in some website stats such as google analytics and find that you’re not getting the thousand visits to the site you thought you might. However, if you compare what’s going on with a similar problem in the physical world as opposed to cyberspace, it is very easy to understand why that is.

If we imagine that we had a box of gold bullion in our house and we were willing to sell each bar at a ridiculously discounted rate of say 10% of its market value. Unless we take action and make this known, the box of gold will simply remain untouched no matter how fantastic a deal it is.

If we want to ship these bars of shininess then we need to make it known we have them available in the first place. We could take out an advert in the local paper and we could spread the work amongst our friends. As long as we are crystal clear about what we have to offer I don’t think there would be a problem selling the gold.

When your online presence is largely related to content then that’s where the challenge begins. Promoting or just simply getting eyeballs on what you have to say is one thing, however to then convey tangible value is another.

Our content is our online gold, we just have to make sure it’s seen that way by both search engines and humans alike. 

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