The smartphone gravy train

Has the smartphone gravy train finally reached its destination?

I don’t know about you, but I sense a fatigue among us smartphone users as the next incremental upgrade isn’t quite doing it.

Looking back to when the Apple IPhone was first demonstrated by Steve Jobs the audience was blown away, and rightly so as this was a major leap in mobile device innovation.

The problem is now some 6+ years on, the bar has been raised and people have become blasé about features present on a smartphone. In addition to the apathy of consumers they are also being driven by financial constraints. Many people are opting to get off the contract conveyor and choosing SIM only options to appease there pocket.

What will be the next leap of innovation in this area? Google Glass does look like a very strong contender. The Glass seems to present a lot of features already available on a smartphone only it has capitalised on the hands-free aspects as well as the visual interface taking a radical approach.

Is this enough for people to refresh their love affair with the mobile device?

I personally think it is a big leap in the right direction. My only reservation would be the human aspect and getting used to people walking around with this noticeable appendage.

Let’s be fair, we all thought the wireless Bluetooth ear piece was a good idea, however in practice, there is a resistance to people wanting to look like Robocop.

At the end of the day it’s probably down to critical mass. In the early days a lot of people were self-conscious of making a cell phone call in public, nowadays we wouldn’t think twice and why is that? I think largely down to the ubiquitous nature of the mobile phone now and is as much a part of our lives as a wrist watch is, no wait it’s in a lot of ways more so, as a lot of people have substitute the need for a watch with their smartphone. So is the trick to combine these to features of a watch and a phone in the shape of a watch?

Google aren’t the only players in the game of next generation devices. It seems a lot is going on with the development and introduction of smart watches. Apple is rumoured to have the iWatch in the pipeline, as well as the Samsung offering of the Galaxy Gear.

The bottom line is that something sizeable in change needs to happen to the smartphone consumer relationship in order to make the upgrade reason compelling enough, to restart the gravy train until the next paradigm changing station.

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