Photographs speak volumes

I must confess when I see a good photograph I seem to experience a mild form of Synesthesia.

A good photograph to me is one which you can hear the scene it portrays. The picture draws you in to such an extent that you start to enjoy the sounds likely present when it was taken. This volume of sound can vary from photo to photo and can be effected by the colour or lack of.

Sometimes a colour picture for me provides an overload of information, in a similar fashion how a movie can spoil a good book of the same name. The monochrome photograph however starts up the visual engine in our brain, but it’s up to our imagination to complete the journey and add the missing pieces en route.


Listening to the picture above, do you hear the click of the camera as the woman (right of the picture) takes the photo from her viewpoint? Then there is the distant noise from the café in the background along with the shuffle of feet as people make themselves comfortable on the edge of the fountain. Also a blend of conversations from the people milling around the central attraction.

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