Are we really living in the Matrix?

Red Pill

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We are effectively indoctrinated from birth into a reality which we take for granted and never really step back and question.

Without doubt some aspects of our living are great and the alternative is not a good option. For example hospitals and health care are a basic necessity without which we would not enjoy the longevity of life we now do. Some sort of law and enforcement is also a basic need as without it we would live more aligned to animals than anything remotely civilised.

All things considered, our basic infrastructure for health provision and law enforcement/government always has room for improvement and from time to time is distorted and abused to the advantage of a small minority.

Law and health aside, there are a number of influences in our daily lives which we adopt without question. We do this because this way of life is passed down from generation to generation, with slight variations of course, but generally the template to life remains much the same, especially since the industrial revolution.

It is almost as though some alien force or god landed on planet earth a long time and said this is how you must live! You must go to school, get a job, rinse and repeat until you die. If you are “lucky” you might own a palatial dwelling or drive a shiny car and get to migrate to a place different from your normal home for two weeks or so each year.

Is this kind of existence conducive to peace of mind?  Does this type of existence facilitate you leaving your mark?

So let’s imagine we had to evacuate Earth and live on another planet and upon arrival you were offered two options. Live as we have been on Earth, perpetuating the “template of life” or trying a new tack. How about if you could be individual and not be a number in a cubicle or a “droid” in the warehouse? We might compare the two paths as the choices offered in the Matrix, the blue and the red pill. OK maybe a little farfetched, but in principal still very different paths to follow and the two pills do offer a good metaphor.

Following the traditional path (blue pill) will keep you safe or at least it will for a time, taking the red pill will lead you away from the railway track (with it’s cradle station at one end and grave station at the other) and instead will mean you can climb mountains, swim in the ocean and give you a knowledge that makes the blue pill unpalatable. The red pill might lead you to a path which is poorly lit, uneven under foot and maybe dangerous at times.

The end of the day they are both options, some of us are lucky enough on this planet to have these options and some of us are not. The choice represented by the two pills does not necessarily mean the same in all parts of the world we live.

Whichever choice you make, just make sure it’s the right one!

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