Exercise bike syndrome

Excercise Bike

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So it’s a new year and you want to get fitter, slimmer and healthier. What do you do? I know, buy an exercise bike!

So you buy the bike and it promptly arrives and you assembly it ready for use in the corner of your lounge, where it remains motionless until you disassemble it and attempt to sell it on eBay.

OK so maybe that’s a little exaggeration, perhaps you do actually ride the bike 2 or 3 times before abandoning it.

The “exercise bike syndrome” can come in many forms, buying a book on “10 ways to be happier” or joining the local gym or signing up for the local weight watching club. The bottom line is unless we commit to action, no external facet, tool or gimmick will get us to our destination. The smallest of action steps in the right direction is far greater than the potential action we never take!

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