Resolve is often closer than we think


I have been struggling recently to maintain focus on a project I am currently working on, the main problem being the uncertainty of whether my efforts will be in vain or not.

The thing is, I am beginning to realise this state of uncertainty goes with the territory of entrepreneurship and so it’s something I think I will just have to get used to.

Last Sunday I travelled to London for the day to get some clarity and be adequately distracted from my current state of mind, which was not proving to be productive.

We headed for Trafalgar Square as there were St Patrick’s Day celebrations taking place in the form of the London Mayor’s parade from Whitehall to Trafalgar. The weather was unbelievable, considering it was only mid-march which also meant the accumulation of people was quite extraordinary in the square and surrounding area.

Although the heat and noisy colourful parade did provide a welcome deviation from the troublesome thoughts of the week leading up to this day, there were times of quiet away from the hubbub which allowed the negative pre-occupations to rise to the surface once again.

As part of the day’s agenda, we decided to pay a visit to the London Science Museum. Whilst in attendance at the museum I decided to take a look at the computing section, which included the history of Charles Babbage one of the first pioneers in the computing world. The Babbage exhibition included his original workbooks and an assembled version of his analytical engine.

The thing that was immediately apparent for me whilst standing in front of Charles’s creation was the complexity, time and effort required to design and envisage such a device. This very realisation helped put my woes of indirection and required efforts into perspective. By comparison the uncertainties I am facing of whether my efforts will pay off can only be a fraction compared to what Mr Babbage must have had to deal with.

Upon further exploration of the museum there are hundreds of similar examples of pioneers of bygone years. All we do is stand witness to the end results of their trials and tribulations it is just too easy to overlook the determination and perseverance required to achieve such greatness.

Sometimes we just need a timely reminder of what is possible, but more importantly not to gloss over the effort and self-belief required to make it happen.



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