Sherlock couldn’t work in a call centre

The Sherlock Holmes series on the BBC has been a prime example of the good quality programmes the British Broadcasting Corporation is capable of. The writing, production and acting in this first class drama is almost second to none.

As part of the shows format, we are given an insight into some of the inner workings of Sherlock’s mind. The activity of the detective’s grey matter manifests in the form of rapid snapshots of his attention. These minute pieces of information quickly come together to formalise a dossier of information. This enables Sherlock to make necessary judgements about a person or situation and to then aggregate these episodes of insight into a case solving solution.

Sherlock is so good at what he does because he can’t help himself. He has an obsessional nature which is both a curse and a blessing. He isn’t a detective because that’s what pays his bills, he does it because it’s his vocation in life. He would be no good in a so called normal nine to five job. At minimum he would be ineffective and of seemingly low value to his employers.

Sherlock is a genius in his own domain when he’s given the free rein to perform his art. Being obsessive about what you do isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s what enables us to go the extra mile. To some of us there is no alternative, it’s how we are wired. For those of us with an obsessional streak, we have to keep it in check from time to time as it does often make compatibility of a template life difficult. However, the results gleaned from our sharply focused efforts are sometimes appreciated by others and that makes the sacrifice worthwhile in the end.

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