Snapping the moment


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I find it fascinating that so many people use their smartphone cameras to record key events in their lives.The camera on smartphones is without question a very useful tool to capture the moment, I just think that the moment has to be chosen carefully.

Using your phone to record the extraordinary butterfly on the flowers on a pristine summer’s day or documenting your son or daughter’s first successfully landed fish at the end of his fishing line is a great example of good use. Then there are some events which should be enjoyed and probably not snapped.

It was interesting to see the New Year’s Eve 2013 fireworks extravaganza on the TV and so many people videoing/snapping away. OK one could argue that many are using this opportunity of reportage to bolster their Twitter feed or Facebook. I just believe sometimes we need to step back and actually be in the moment and enjoy it in all of its glory rather than recording it for someone else.

The point being that a lot of key events are far better left to the professionals to convey such as the BBC which we can re-live via our TiVo’s or Sky+ if we feel the need.

After all, do you seriously think the moment captured on your phone really conveys to the viewer the full picture (quite literally). More importantly you missed that moment whilst framing the shot!

Don’t live by proxy, just live.

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