Tools of the trade

One of the most important aspects of trying to make our way in online entrepreneurship is making sure we keep up to date.

Even if we don’t fully understand all aspects of the technology that provides the platform for online business, it is essential to at least have a basic understanding of what’s available and how it might impact our plans and our online business presence.

In the early days of making our way as an entrepreneur and especially as a soloist, often the tasks involved in maintaining and nurturing our online investment can require a diverse set of skills and many are new.

The emergence of online course provision coupled with recent improvements in bandwidth provision for both desktop and mobile devices makes it convenient for students to learn at a time and in a place that suits them. In addition to the this convenience, often the online learning space can provide courses at much more attractive price than traditional routes.

Below are just a few course that can help you get started and can expand your awareness of some of the elements required in the complex world of e-commerce and associate technologies.

Javascript The Beginners Guide


OK Hands up, this course is one of mine.

At first glance you might think, why would I want to know about Javascript? Well simply because almost every site you visit has Javascript involved in the equation.

This course will give you an insight into how Javascript works and the role it plays within websites and webpages. At sometime in your online business journey you are quite likely to bump into HTML markup and or Javascript.

By taking this course, when you encounter a problem with your site you should be better placed to make a judgement on whether you can dive in and have a go at fixing it or even get a better feel for cost/time should you choose to outsource the necessary amendments.

As an entertaining bonus, Javascript The Beginners Guide finishes up by teaching you how to build a lottery number generator!

Facebook advertising using pay per click



This course is designed to take you from the basics of Facebook pay per click (PPC) to more in-depth material such as segmenting, split-testing, managing multiple ads.

The course covers both ‘internal’ ads; those that link to a fanpage/business page within Facebook and ‘external’ ads which link to a website outside of Facebook.

Practical SQL Skills


This course is designed to give a detailed introduction to using and understanding structured query language (SQL) for manipulating business data.

More and more companies rely on IT systems that store information in databases. This information is typically retrieved using SQL and its use is becoming widespread amongst not just IT teams but business users also.

Using Your Data to Grow Your Business


Every business from start-up to larger established businesses need to track details about their customers, products, sales and purchases.

By extracting and manipulating this data you can determine key metrics to help you understand more about your customers, how to keep them and more importantly understanding the cost to acquire them. You already have this data you just need to use it.

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