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Keeping your cool

I have recently had some issues with my laptop including shutting down for no apparent reason. This sporadic behaviour can often mean an overheating issue which is quite common with laptops. Overheating is often due to their very nature of poor ventilation and not really a good design (believe it or not) for use on the lap.

Anyhow to try and get to the bottom of this temperature issue I looked for an application suitable for the task and stumbled on Open Hardware Monitor which is not only open source but is pretty good at giving the information needed to diagnose heat issues of this kind.

Detailed information about CPU, GPU, hard drive(s) etc can be view from the main menu display and a Windows desktop gadget is included which allows you to monitor CPU temperature as you go, just in case like me you need to know just how hot things are when your machine decides to crash.

Securing your data

The cloud has brought about a huge benefit to us all, enabling personal data everywhere. The benefit of this is pretty obvious, the downside maybe not so obvious.

Dropbox, SkyDrive/OneDrive, Google Drive etc. are great services that enable the sharing of data to be platform and location independent. The problem is although all these services claim to keep our data secure (no doubt they are), there is always a risk that one day someone less trustworthy might gain access to our precious data.

If you want to take further control and add another layer of security to your cloud storage, I would highly recommend Boxcryptor.

This service will enable you to encrypt all or some of your existing online storage files and folders. The encryption takes place at your end i.e. before it is transmitted to the hosting service. You decide the master password and this then secures the data associated with your Boxcryptor account.

The only thing to note. If you happen to forget your Boxcryptor master password then you will not be able to unencrypt your secured data. Even Boxcryptor the service provider can’t help, but then that’s part of its added value, knowing only YOU can get to your data.

Screen recording software

BB Flashback is an excellent screen recorder, ideal for making online training videos and presentations.

There is an express version available which is free and certainly provides enough functionality to get you started.

You can export the video as AVI, Flash (SWF) or upload to Youtube.

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